This blog is written by one, me, a girl with big dreams and aspirations with an addiction to daytime TV.

I am 24 years old and growing older. Fast. And that terrifies me. 

I am a graduate of History and English Literature in Trinity College Dublin and recently received a Masters student in Journalism from DCU.

After a three month internship at Irish Tatler magazine, I became a staff writer for Irish women's website, SHEmazing!. 

I enjoy reading and writing, watching and dressing. My intense desire to constantly create and change inspired me to create a blog on which I can reflect my ever evolving interests. 

This blog has no clear niche... It is a personal style, fashion, photography, travel, music, culture, journalistic and personal interest blog. 

The whole blog has been created by me using the blogger platform. All photos are taken on a NIKON DS3100, SONY NEX-5, or an IPHONE 6.

Suzanne x

Bucket List

Bungee Jump/ Skydive
Get Published
Get over 300 followers
Get over 1000 followers
Get a Tattoo
Go to Thailand & Vietnam
Live in London for at least One Year
Graduate from College
Read Every Book on my Course This Year
Read all titles on personal book list
Join a Bootcamp Class
Change Eating Habits
Stop Biting Nails
Do a Photography Course
Buy a really good Laptop
Get my Nose Pierced
Learn to Snowboard
Clean out my Desk
Get a Job in Retail
Graduate my Masters 
Travel the world

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