Build Yourself a Myth

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Jeggings: Topshop
Copper Shirt: Bennetton
White Jumper: Penneys (Primark)
Brown Riding Boots: Shutterbug 
Chain Necklace: River Island
Aztec Coat: Urban Outfitters

Two years ago I went into Urban Outfitters and spent two hundred euro on two coats. I was broke for ages afterwards. I'm a bit crazy like that. While the second coat I got years of wear out of, this one has not been out nearly enough. And it should get out more because it's very cool. I love that the fur is attached, I think fur adds such drama. It is not the warmest one i have so needs many layers but it is a travesty that I don't wear it out more. It is such a perfect college day coat.

I had an AMAZING time and Disclosure on Friday. I am in the process of editing the pics and reviewing the concert. I think Disclosure are absolutely phenomenal so keep an out for that post during this week. 
Backpack: Market

Title Lyric: Myth - Beach House

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