Long Lasting Nail Polishes

A couple of months ago, one of my friends commented that she hated when her nails were either un painted or chipped. Her main woe in this regard was that she could not find a nail polish that actually lasted more than a day or two. 

Since then I realised I face the same problem but instead of doing my research I resigned to not painting my nails at all unless on a special occasion. Realising that I too appreciate the satisfaction of a freshly painted nail on a regular basis, I tested out a number of different polishes 'claiming' longevity. These bad boys were the one that came out on top. 



Photo Diary: Sunday Strolls

So we often go for family Sunday walks to the beach in Howth and Malahide. My Dad and I regularly use them as photography workshops so I thought I would compile a comprehensive list of some of the prettiest snaps. Enjoy. 


How to be Facebook Famous: Interview with Vlogger Dano McCormack

Dano McCormack is running ten minutes late. He had to pick his sister up from school, drop her home and then dash around the corner to meet me.

Despite his follower count and his college degree in health and fitness, Dano looks thirteen years old at a push. He slinks into the lobby with his head down, the ends of his grey tracksuit bottoms soaked through from the rain and feebly shakes my hand.

In the age of smart phones and social media, the idea of celebrity is becoming increasing blurred. Social media is creating its own breed of celebrity. Get a couple of thousand likes on Instagram and suddenly you are considered to be ‘insta-famous’; become a successful fashion blogger and you could find yourself front row at Fashion Week. Or, in the case of this 19 year old video blogger from Portlaoise, you can become an overnight Facebook sensation. 



What's in my Handbag?

Delve into the depths of my not so glamorous handbag. 



In my opinion, this year International Women's Day has been more visible than ever. There have been copious amount of tweets, articles, events, trending hashtags and debate on a level that I have not seen in previous years.



Sophie's @ The Dean Hotel

In upholding the tradition of celebrating being young, independent women making our way in the world, my favourite gal pals and I found ourselves in the rooftop restaurant of Sophie's on International Women's Day. 



Spring Lipstick Shades

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